Worship Service Times and Info for those Serving On Sunday

Sunday, February 17,  2018
6th Sunday After Epiphany

9:30 am  Worship Service

Serving On Sunday (SOS):

Faith Singers Administrator
Eunice Koehler
Alpha Omega Worship Band Contact
Lorraine Kendel
Gospel Group Administrator
Jake Giesbrecht
Team Leader for February
please check Serving On Sunday (SOS) chart on bulletin board at church
Altar Guild Leader for February
please check Serving On Sunday (SOS) chart on bulletin board at church
Sunday, February 17, 2019
Worship Service Steward (Director)
Renate Bishopp

Renate Bishopp
Shirley Klassen
Diane Koroll
Soundboard/PowerPoint Operator
Lois and Lawrence Klebaum

Watch for updates (subject to change): the information below will be updated closer to the end of each week (usually Thursday or Friday).
If you need to know who is doing what sooner than that, please contact the church office (373-0510 or faithlc@sasktel.net)

Please check the SOS Chart at church for this weeks information.

If item(s) are marked "Please See SOS Chart" please check the bulletin board at the church for more information.

If you need more information about the above, please see bulletin board in the narthex (foyer) of the church or contact the church office.


Weather Emergencies and Worship Services:
If an emergency is eminent or severe weather conditions are forecasted that will affect Church Services: Please phone the church (373-0510) and listen to the answering machine two hours before the time of the worship service to learn whether or not the upcoming service has been cancelled due to inclement weather or emergencies.  Please note that all calls made to the church when the office is not open will be automatically forwarded to Pastor Rudy’s cell phone.