Next Worship Service Time, Info, Current COVID-19 Safety Protocols

(note: All Sunday Morning Worship Services begin at 10:00 a.m.)

Our next Worship service will be on 

Sunday, September, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. with Holy Communion

A Gentle Reminder

If you have flu-like symptoms ---fever, cough, sore throat, headache, runny nose –- you should do a Rapid Test or perhaps see your doctor. If you are feeling sick or have tested positive for COVID, you should self-isolate. In other words, stay home and away from others until you are well. If your condition worsens, see your doctor, visit a walk-in clinic or go to a hospital emergency department.
If you have concerns, please contact the Chairperson, Murray Wagner, by calling 306-665-6290 or by email at

Safety Procedures

The first concern for our members has been to make the church a safe place in the ongoing battle with COVID. The Board of Directors encourage you to follow these guidelines:

· We suggest physical distancing while you are in the building.

· We recommend that you wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

· Please seat yourself wherever you feel comfortable.

· We will continue with the same pilgrim- style communion process going forward.

· When the service is over, we will exit beginning with the back row and leave through the main doors.


IIf you have concerns, please contact the Chairperson, Murray Wagner, by calling 306 665-6290, or by email at


Our narthex/lobby and sanctuary is wheel chair/walker/rollator accessible, conveniently all on one level with no stairs.

Should you or a loved one need to use a wheelchair to get back and forth from your vehicle, we do have one. Please feel free to use it for this purpose. It is located in the coat room, located in the room just to the left after you enter the church through the front door. 

Weather Emergencies and Worship Services:

If an emergency is imminent or severe weather conditions are forecasted that will affect Church Services: Please phone the church (373-0510) and listen to the answering machine two hours before the time of the worship service to learn whether or not the upcoming service has been cancelled due to inclement weather or emergencies.  Please note that all calls made to the church when the office is not open will be automatically forwarded to Pastor Rudy’s cell phone.