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  • LCC Reformation 500 Website (links and info to help circuit and congregations commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation:
  • The Central District (one of three geographical regions into which LCC is divided; the other two are the Alberta British Columbia District and the East District):
  • The Canadian Lutheran Online…you each receive our LCC National Magazine “The Canadian Lutheran” in your mail slot at the church. Here’s the link for the downloadable PDF versions along with much more supplemental information:

  • Ever wonder about what to consider when thinking about a funeral-your own or the funeral of someone you love? What's a Christian Funeral Service about? Check out some information here.

  • Looking for more information about Lutheran Church Canada (LCC), or the Central District of Lutheran Church Canada? You can check their websites and other news services from them at the following:
    • Exploring your spirituality? Want to know more about what we believe and teach? LCC website: Faith Lutheran Church Saskatoon is a member of Lutheran Church Canada (LCC). If you scroll down the page to the bottom right side, you can subscribe by e-mail to various news and update e-mails.
    • LCC InfoDigest: for news briefs about LCC. You can also subscribe to a regular e-mail of this information here.
    • LCCInfoTweet: Get short, timely messages! It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. For news and information updates on Twitter add @CanLutheran to your follow list.
    • Get updates via SMS by texting follow LCCInfoTweet to 21212.

  • For some pretty cool gifts, recipes and an eclectic collection of items, this is an all things Lutheran kind of site:

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