LuMinHoS Virtual Event

"The Year When Everything Changed" - 2020 LuMinHoS Virtual Fundraiser will GO LIVE - November 15, at 7:15 pm.

Click here, to ‘set reminder’ for event and see:

  • letters from former Chaplains which speak of the significance of LuMinHoS to the patients in hospitals of Saskatoon. We hope you will find them enjoyable
  • find fun suggestions for holding “virtual” dinners or get-togethers to make the video an enjoyable time. We hope you will find something suitable to your family or group. Please, observe distancing directives.

Please, make use of the event as you see fit; November 15 doesn’t have to be the day you use it! It is meant to be entertaining as well as informative and we hope you’ll enjoy all the little “extras” our MC created for it. If you know any of the musicians, let them know that their contributions were appreciated and enjoyed.

Finally, we ask you avail yourself of one of the many ways to donate to support and grow LuMinHoS.  See

God’s blessing to all of you and your family and friends.  We hope you enjoy the event.

LuMinHoS Events Committee