Men's Bible Study

In March, the Education Committee of Faith attempted to determine the interest in establishing a Men’s Bible Study. Then the world changed. We are going to give this another try for the fall and winter. We value your opinion, so please fill the following form in (just copy and paste it into your word processor, and return it to us in any of the following ways:

  • print it off and mail it the church:

            Faith Lutheran Church
            2801 Preston Ave
            Saskatoon, SK. S7J 2G8

  • print it off and deposit it into the church mailslot located beside the front door
  • email it to Murray Wagner:

1. What kind of study would you attend-books of the bible, other religions, how we differ from the other 40 or so Lutheran Church bodies in North America, what Christians did during the Spanish Flu one hundred years ago, what we believe, teach and confess, etc.?



2. What day of the week would suit your schedule? 
First choice:___________________ Second Choice:_____________________ 

3. What part of the day would work for you? Morning (10 am)______________
Afternoon (2 pm)_________________Evening (7 pm)____________________ 

4. Please feel free to add more comments, ideas or suggestions:


Your Name:_______________________________________________________

Thank you. We look forward to your input. If you have anu questions, please contact Del Mengering (306-374-5074 or or Murray Wagner (306-665-6290 or