Faith Public Worship Services Resuming on June 28th

On June 3rd, the Faith Board of Directors convened a special meeting to develop plans for resumption of public in-person worship services at our church. We determined that we will resume worship on Sunday, June 28th. On that day, and on each successive Sunday, we will offer two worship opportunities commencing at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

In compliance with provincial regulations for places of worship, the total number of people at each service will be limited to 30. This limit on number of participants includes the pastor, organist and operator of the sound/projection system.

We are required to maintain a written record of participants at each service. To accommodate as many participants as possible at each service, you will be required to pre-register and receive confirmation of your registration. Our Board Vice-Chair, Murray Wagner, has kindly volunteered to manage the pre-registration process. Starting on the Monday preceding each service, you may register by contacting Murray via email at or via phone at 306-665-6290. Please ensure that you contact Murray prior to 6:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the worship service you wish to attend.
Given that our average pre-COVID worship attendance was around 90, it may be challenging to accommodate everyone’s preferred worship date and time. Murray Wagner will strive to assure equitable access to all who wish to return to in-person worship at this time. We appreciate that some may wish to defer their return to in-person worship. 
All worship participants will be required wear either a cloth or disposable mask throughout the time that we are in the church building. All participants are encouraged to bring your own mask if you have one. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you before you enter the church building.

To make the worship process optimally safe for all participants, we will follow physical distancing and hygiene practices recommended by our provincial government. I will explain the procedures you can expect as part of our safety practices:

1)     During queuing to enter the church and throughout their time in the church building, all participants who are not from the same household must maintain a physical distance of two metres from each other. Good physical distancing practices will be supported by floor markings and ushering to designated pews.

2)     On arrival from the parking lot to the south sidewalk entrance to the church, participants will be welcomed by an usher who will offer a mask to persons not having their own and ask all participants to don a mask at that time. On Sundays that include celebration of Holy Communion, this usher will ask each person if they wish to take part in Communion and record that information on a registration check list. The usher will then ask people to queue at a two-metre distance as they await access to the church.

3)     A door usher will open the front church door and invite people to enter the narthex in a controlled flow to avoid congestion in the narthex.

4)     A narthex usher will greet people as they come in, direct their attention to a receptacle in which they may place their offering and transfer them to a sanctuary usher.

5)     A sanctuary usher will lead you to seating in designated pews in a manner that assures two metres of separation except for individuals from the same household.

6)     Congregational singing will be permitted as long as all participants are wearing masks.

7)     When Holy Communion is offered, people will be ushered with attentiveness to physical distancing. Communicants will proceed in pilgrim style to the front of the sanctuary where consecrated elements will be set out for each communicant. Communicants will consume the elements and place the disposable holders for both elements in a container prior to returning to their designated seating. The flow of communicants to and from the table will be controlled to maintain optimal distancing.

8)     Arrangements will be made to bring individually-packaged elements to communicants who have mobility limitations.  

9)     Throughout the service, the Pastor will remain in the chancel area.

10)  When the worship service is concluded, participants will be ushered to exit the church via the door in the meeting room on the south side of the building.

11)  There will be a table set up in the meeting room on which church bulletins and other materials will be available for pick-up as participants leave the building.

12)  Between the two services, all common surfaces and the washroom will be sanitized.

13)  Hand sanitizer will be available in the narthex, the main-floor bathroom, and in the meeting room.

14)  The washroom on the main floor will be accessible. There will be instructions in the bathroom about sanitizing the basin faucet handles, the toilet flush handle and any other surfaces that may have been touched by human hands.

I appreciate that this may seem like a very complex process. However, after a few experiences with this protocol, I think it will become quite routine for us.
If you have any questions about this information I have shared with you, I would be happy to respond to them. You can reach me by email at or by phone at 306-374-6760.

In Christ,
Dennis Kendel / Faith Board Chair