A Prayer For Justice and Order

Gracious God our Father in heaven, You are the God of order and peace. By Your Word , You speak order to chaos, peace to warfare, light to darkness, life to death. In the Cross of Your Son You reconciled this Sin-disordered world to Yourself. Restore order to our streets, our communities, our homes, our minds and hearts. Let Your justice overflow, and bring healing to our madness and injustice. Restrain the forces of anarchy, violence, and destruction. Quench the fires of anger and rage that burn within us. Drive from our hearts the evil by which we dehumanize others. Restore the dignity of our humanity, won by Your Son, and teach us to embrace one another as He has embraced every nation, tribe, people, and language in His all-reconciing Death. Have mercy upon us all, for the sake of your Son, the Prince of Peace and the world’s Redeemer.

adapted from Pastor William M. Cwirla, author